Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First sewing project- Bears

I let the girls design the facial features and a few extra's that they wanted to do to make it creatively their own. One of the girls chose to use red hearts on the face to make the girl bear cheeks, instead of plain circles like my oldest daughter and I did.

Renny's bear she designed it to have two read hair bows on it's ears.

These bears were made by my oldest daughter and I as examples to nspired the little ones.

Teaching you people to sew can be challenging, due to their inability to concentrate and when I got into doing the project with them I thought that maybe this was a bit to advanced for them at this point but in the end they really did a good job. Using felt, I cut a free hand bear pattern out of construction paper. The stock felt we purchased for 20 cents each from a national craft supply store. My older daughter and I assisted the little ones with cutting the bear pattern from the two pieces of felt. I do believe that they have learned the beginnings of sewing and to me that is just to get the first chance to use a needle and thread. I believe one of them really likes it and the other can take it or leave it. My job as a crafty parent is to continue to introduce new and inspiring things to my girls in order for them to be able to think inside and outside the box. The have to know the basics which is the inside the box part and give them ideas of how those basic can be altered and hopefully they will branch out in their creativity.

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